Vehicle Recycling

Get a Great Price for your Scrap Car with 'The Salvo Group' 

When you need to get rid of a scrap car, there are really only three things to consider:
• Who is going to give you a great price for your end-of-life vehicle?
• Who is going to deal with all the paperwork?
• Who is going to make sure that your scrap car is recycled correctly, so that any re-usable materials can be put to good use?
The answer to all three questions is Salvo Group Limited. As a leading car breakers in Derbyshire (we handle 25,000 cars per year), we are able to offer exceptional prices and a truly first-class service. Importantly, we are SMDA 2013 licenced and have our own Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) so will recycle your car legally and responsibly.

Certificate of Destruction (C.O.D) Issued for Every End-of-Life Vehicle

Selling a scrap car to Salvo Group Ltd. really couldn’t be easier – we take care of every part of the process, including collection, paperwork, and vehicle recycling. All you need to do is agree a price, provide payment details, photo ID and proof of address*, and leave the rest to us. We will collect your scrap car for free within 48 hours. If the vehicle is recycled, we will send you a Certificate of Destruction (C.O.D) shortly afterwards.
The Certificate of Destruction is a requirement for all vehicles that are dismantled for recycling, and can only be issued by licenced Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF). The Salvo Group Ltd scrap yard is a licenced ATF, and so are able to issue you with a COD.
*Photo ID and proof of address are legal requirements. Acceptable forms of proof of address include: bank statements, credit card statements, utilities bills, TV licence.

What Happens to your Scrap Car at our Licenced Authorised Treatment Facility?

At Salvo Group Ltd., we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. Which is why we invested in developing a large, purpose-built ATF, in Heanor, Derbyshire. There, our team of expert car breakers will use the latest recycling technology to give your ELV a ‘second life’.
If your car is beyond repair, our team will:
• Salvage any parts that can be re-used
• Remove and store any hazardous materials, fluids etc., that cannot be recycled
• Use our vehicle recycling technology to break and sort the reusable materials, including metal, glass, rubber, and batteries.
• Package the recycled materials, so that they can be sent for re-use in various industries.
You will receive a Certificate of Destruction (COD), which confirms your car has been recycled and processed in accordance with government guidelines.

95% Recycling Targets? We’ve been Achieving that since 2013!

Did you know that from December 2014, all car recycling companies need to achieve a 95% recycling rate by law? That figure may put pressure on some car breakers in the industry, but not us – because thanks to our investment in technology and our dedicated ATF yard, we have been achieving those targets since 2013.
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